Our Services and Platform Technologies

RxCelerate offer access to world class platform technologies and a complete range of services from early in silico discovery through to preclinical studies. Find out more below.

Our Platform Technologies


Antibody Discovery Platform

Proprietary human antibody discovery platform, which combines the biology of B-cell selection and in vitro methodologies to maximise diversity and find high quality leads.

Dynamic Chemical Space

First commercially available dynamic chemical space allowing in silico screening of billions of novel small molecules against a target in a matter of weeks.

Proteomics Platform

Unique proteomics platform offering quantitative precision and unbiased analysis of proteins and their modifications in simple and complex matrices.

Our Services

In Silico Drug Discovery

Cutting-edge in silico discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics, antibodies and biopharmaceuticals, plus enzyme engineering. Home of RxNfinity, the chemical space exploration platform.



Isolation of fully human antibodies using our ‘Galaxy’ platform.

Immune library generation & humanisation expertise.

Project and Programme Management

Client focused project management, driven by best practices, with experienced project managers that can input at all stages from concept to clinic.

Early-Stage Chemistry and CMC

Generation of high quality hit material, development candidates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

IN VITRO services

In vitro assay design and development including cell-based and plate-based assays, molecular and biochemical assays and ICC.


Design and development of assays using Drosophila melanogaster, enabling drug screening in a whole organism with a quick turnaround.

In Vivo Services

Complete in vivo and histology services covering a wide range of disease areas and therapeutic approaches.

GLP & GCP Bioanalytical Services

Providing bespoke in-house assays and analytical methods including PK, ADME and stability studies, with GCP and GLP accreditation for regulated studies.