Driving drug discovery through project management excellence.

Rx&D – Project Management Services

At Rx&D, we deliver client-focused, flexible and responsive project and programme management. We integrate seamlessly into your team, bringing robust processes and methodologies that evolve in tandem with your organisation’s needs.

Our innovative approach brings together a dynamic team of creative thinkers and problem solvers, highly motivated and experienced in project and programme management for asset-centric companies.

Driven by best practices, we ensure that every project is planned, controlled, and closed out in alignment with your vision, goals, and values. Our foundation is built on clear and consistent communication, driving excellence through client-centric, flexible, and best-in-class project management.

Our Approach

Project Management

  • Full range of project management services, from navigating early drug discovery challenges to planning and leading regulatory submissions.
  • Efficient value realisation for early-stage assets and accelerating the entry of medicines into the clinic.
  • Define project objectives and identify key studies whilst adopting the most efficient and effective methods of delivery.

Programme Management

  • Navigating and managing multiple workstreams and the interdependencies of integrated projects.
  • Partnering with clients to manage priorities balanced with risk, time, cost and quality for a portfolio of projects.

Experience, Reputation, Approach: Delivering Project Management Excellence

Our Experience

A team of project managers with strong scientific foundations and diverse industry expertise, possessing extensive experience in project and programme management for asset-centric companies.

Our Reputation

We’ve successfully supported many virtual companies, guiding research plans from target validation to preclinical activities. Our expertise extends to supporting project teams with members spanning various locations and regions.

Our Approach

Our adept team ensures optimal project methodology, emphasising high efficacy and efficiency. Committed project managers stay updated on the latest methodologies, technologies, and best practices. Our approach is rooted in an unwavering commitment to the success of our clients.