RxCelerate is an out-sourced drug development company, delivering complete preclinical drug development programs and project management for virtual and semi-virtual companies.

Our R&D capabilities include in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and bespoke studies in animal models of human diseases, toxicology and ADME studies.

Based on more than 20 year’s experience of drug discovery and development we can offer innovative experimental designs combining efficacy, toxicology and pharmacokinetic end-points in one study or using multivariate statistical frameworks to examine multiple end-points in a single study design. RxCelerate delivers cutting-edge development capability with maximal flexibility, cost-efficiency and accelerated timelines to client companies large and small.


DESIGN: As architects of drug discovery and development programs, we design and implement the strategy from investment point to decision point

MANAGE: By combining corporate and project management, we provide efficient & transparent support for your company operations

DELIVER: Using an outsourced development platform, we drive the execution of your projects to hit the critical milestones and increase asset value


DESIGN: Employing an “every molecule counts” approach, our design team optimizes not just potency but all lead-defining aspects to generate high-quality clinical candidates.

SYNTHESISE: Utilizing both our own laboratories and tried-and-tested partners, we can ensure the right balance of cost, speed and quality.

SCALE: We plan the chemical synthesis strategy through to clinical-scale manufacturing and minimize delays in preclinical development.


DISCOVER: Comprehensive in vitro pharmacology for target validation and discovery, including bespoke immune and functional cell assays

VALIDATE: Wide range of off-the-shelf and bespoke preclinical disease models to evaluate efficacy and safety across all indications

DEVELOP: Innovative regulatory preclinical development programs for small molecules and biologics, maximizing speed and minimizing costs