RxBiologics Galaxy®
Antibody Discovery Platform

Our dedicated team of technical experts have engineered and constructed the Galaxy® antibody library that underpins our proprietary platform. Based on the principle of ‘smart randomness’, our Galaxy® library harnesses the incredible diversity found within human B cells in a focused way, maximising the proportion of correctly folded functional antibodies.

This leads to a higher-quality, functionally diverse starting repertoire that prioritises quality from the beginning. Our ‘Glass Spleen’ approach evolves the library through the selection process, allowing us to access a far greater fraction of relevant antibody space. This process results in potent antibodies without the need for excessive mutational load.

Smart Randomness

Low-risk, targeted diversification

Glass Spleen

B cell-like evolution

Controlled Light Chain Diversity

Diverse, but predictable


The Galaxy® Platform

The Galaxy® platform is geared for generation of ‘clinic ready’ antibodies straight out of the library.  Furthermore, the design provides the potential to rapidly generate cheap to manufacture bispecifics without the need for any special technology or engineering.

Our whole process is built around the principle of ‘Right first time’, efficiently delivering high quality biologics with ‘drug-like’ properties to meet our clients needs.

Advantages of our Antibodies

  • Highly specific fully human
  • Functional and highly potent
  • Optimised for stability

Custom Solutions

We fully understand that each drug discovery campaign is unique. Here at RxBiologics we have a flexible approach to deliver a solution that works for you. Whether you wish to use our proprietary library, have immune libraries that need to be constructed, or require bespoke antibody formats we will work with you to design your workflow for delivery to your specifications.

Together with our parent company RxCelerate we can support your entire drug programme from early discovery through preclinical phases.

Fully human antibody libraries

multiple target classes

hit screening

antibody production


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