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Through our in silico design team, RxCelerate has access to world leading design capabilities. Together with a thorough analysis of publications and patents, we have the ability to design the correct molecules to generate your candidate. Our ethos is that “small is beautiful” both in that we prefer to make compounds to answer specific questions and that most compounds we design have low molecular weights


Synthesis is enabled by our own in house chemistry team, However, within the team we have experience of working with and working for a wide variety of synthetic chemistry providers. We can therefore ensure that your project is placed with the most suitable provider. Knowing the “tricks of the trade” we will manage the synthesis to ensure short cycle times. These are also shortened by our very tight links to the in vitro and in vivo teams.



RxCelerate can securely store your valuable compound collection as both solids and stock solution, maintain an inventory of compound levels and ship compounds to other partners as you require.


RxCelerate will store data coming from a variety of sources and analyse that data to recommend the progression of suitable compounds and the design of the next round of compounds. We will also work with the client to ensure that appropriate patents are filed.