RxCelerate offers a comprehensive range of in vitro and ex vivo services to serve a broad customer base.

We liaise closely with our clients to create bespoke experimental programmes that enable a strategic and cost-effective approach to lead optimisation. We specialise in matching in vitro systems with end-point requirements.

Our specialist team are experts in developing functional cell-based assays in both primary and continuous lines, as well as ex vivo preparations, which often serve as a screening tool in early stages.

We offer fully integrated histological services from sample preparation to pathological diagnostics, both in-house and through our associate consultant, Dr Martyn Foster.

Our range of competitive and non-competitve immunoassays is extensive and can be used for single- and multi-analyte detection. Work-up experiments are included as standard, to minimise interference from analyte-dependent and -independent cross-reactivity.


RxCelerate are licenced by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) to conduct research on human tissue in connection with disorders, or functioning, of the human body.

RxCelerate employ a number of trained phlebotomists who are able to procure, with consent, human blood from healthy volunteers for use in experimentation. Under NHS HRA/REC approval, RxCelerate also conducts studies on human tissue samples from NHS patients and participants undergoing clinical trial.