RxChemistry can add value to your drug development program.

Our Chemistry Philosophy is Two-Fold:

  • Every molecule we design is for a purpose – and we will only generate data that proves whether it is fit for that purpose
  • If a molecule is going to be difficult to synthesise we will simply design a molecule that is easier to synthesise



Our Chemistry experience covers:

  • The entire range of the drug discovery pipeline from designing screening libraries to running NCE synthesis campaigns on factory scale
  • A wide range of synthetic techniques
  • Molecules of different complexities from simple drug-like compounds to natural products, macrocycles and drug antibody conjugates

RxChem @
Warwick University

Additional lab to enable complex routes, respond rapidly to problems. Full access to analytical capabilities at Warwick.

RxChem Additional Capabilities

Preferred CROs to supplement our offering:
• Computational Chemistry
• Pilot Plants
• Salt Screening

RxChem Synthesis Partners

Preferred CROs to turn the handle. They must share our vision of high quality science.