Cost-effective and rapid delivery of hit material, development candidates and active pharmaceutical ingredients

Our Services

In RxChemistry we offer a range of services. We design high-quality hits in partnership with our in silico division, ProsaRx, ensuring that desired drug properties are met to generate suitable hit material. We manage synthetic programmes with our preferred partner CROs, and provide route development, complex synthesis, and process development in-house. We monitor chemistry programmes to ensure quality compounds are delivered efficiently, and offer logistics and database management.


Our experienced chemists provide compound design based on existing structure-activity-relationships, drug-likeness, and molecule functionality. We also work in partnership with ProsaRx.


We closely manage outsourced synthesis of simpler molecules at our preferred partner CROs, providing assistance with troubleshooting and quality checking.


We can offer our extensive chemistry knowledge to carry out route development for complex molecule synthesis in-house, in addition to process development for scale-up.


We manage GMP activities, as well as biological assays at preferred partner CROs.


We provide compound storage and logistics, as well as database management (includes both chemical and biological data).


Our chemists manage synthesis and design activities to ensure candidates are generated efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Approach

Within RxChemistry, we facilitate drug-development and discovery programmes by ensuring that high-quality hit material and development candidates are delivered as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We recognise the need for bespoke drug discovery programmes, with close integration between molecule design, synthesis, and biological assays. This approach allows us to use as few molecules as possible in each design cycle, whilst maximising the generation of informative data. This way, our clients pay for only what they need.