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ProQuant™ is a proprietary platform for performing LC-MS/MS bottom-up proteomics on a wide range of biological samples, delivering precision unachievable with any other technology. The step-change in quantitative performance unleashes the promised power of proteomics, with the power to speed up and de-risk multiple phases of the drug development pipeline.

The ProQuant™ difference

In developing ProQuant™ we evaluated and optimised each stage of the bottom-up proteomics process to be as quantitative as possible. This has resulted in a protocol that has exceptional quantitative reproducibility. Most of the optimisations we have made are proprietary, but they include improvements in the sample preparation, changes to the way the MS collects data, and optimised data analytics.

We have repeatedly tested and proven the quantitative performance of ProQuant™ by comparing our platform with competitor bottom-up proteomics methods.  We have done this by analysing replicate sets of serum samples and then calculating the analytical coefficient of variation across all the different proteins and peptides present.

For more information on the performance of ProQuant™ and a growing body of case studies describing its use in multiple different applications, please visit the ProQuant™ website.

Services Provided

The improved quantitative performance of ProQuant™ compared with conventional proteomics techniques is not just a “nice to have” – it unlocks applications that are impossible with traditional proteomics services.

Monitoring protein modification

  • Have you labelled your protein and would like to know where?
  • Does your protein undergo modification or cleavage after administration in vivo?

Characterisation of proteoform landscapes

Proteins exist in a wide array of variations:

  • How variable is your protein in vitro & in vivo?
  • Does its pattern of modifications or cross-links relate to a biological phenotype

Biomarker identification

  • Are you looking for a marker of a disease, or of progression of disease?
  • Or maybe you need to know whether a disease is heterogeneous?

Target validation

  • Is your preclinical model similar to the disease it is modelling?
  • Does your intervention interact with your proposed target?
  • Are there off-target effects?

And that's not all...

Like any other step-change in technological capability, access to ProQuant™ makes it possible to find answers to all kinds of questions that we haven’t even thought to ask!  By making ProQuant™ available as a service, we can unblock your discovery or development pipeline.  Whether it’s CMC of a complex biological agent, PK for a protein therapeutic that is undergoing modification in vivo, or a purely academic attempt to understand the conformational dynamics associated with activity of an intriguing protein, we will help you leverage the new-found power of ProQuant™ to answer the question that matters most to you.

GLP & GCP Accredited Bioanalysis

Our bioanalysis team can provide LC-MS/MS and ligand binding bioanalytical support throughout the whole of the drug development life cycle. We develop quantitative methods for small molecules, metabolites, peptides, and proteins and can assess the protein binding of your compound of interest. We can support bespoke and routine ADME analysis as well as early metabolism and deposition studies. We can assess your hit-to-lead campaign all the way to supporting preclinical GLP studies and first-in-human GCP studies.

Our Services


We provide in-house bespoke assays and analytical methods for your programme using LC-MS/MS. This includes PK, ADME, and stability studies.

GLP & GCP Capabilities

We are licensed to carry out GLP and GCP analysis, for your regulated study needs.