RxCelerate scientists are trained in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analyses for determining equilibrium binding constants, kinetic interactions and/or thermodynamic characteristics of interactions; typically of proteins with small molecules, nucleic acids or other proteins.

Experiments are performed on a Biacore T200 (GE); a versatile system with exceptional sensitivity and precision that can provide comprehensive information in real time, without the use of labels.

Standard applications include:

  • Screening, identification, characterisation and selection of therapeutic candidates
  • Definition of structure/function relationships
  • Determining the dynamics of molecular pathways to help select better tools, e.g. antibodies, based on binding properties
  • Quality control procedures during manufacturing
  • Transferring an existing assay from another platform (such as ELISA) on to SPR technology.

The Biacore T200 we use is housed and maintained in an open access facility on the Babraham Research Campus, accessible only to scientists trained and certified by GE.