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Antibody discovery and development services to generate world-class biologics with optimal drug development qualities.

Our Services

Using our proprietary Galaxy® library platform, we can generate ‘clinic ready’ antibodies with optimal drug development qualities to your target. We also offer a complete range of biologics drug discovery services, from immune library generation and antibody humanisation through to in silico modelling and NGS analysis.

Our platform and services are tailored to deliver on our guiding principle “right first time”, maximising yields of high quality, high potency antibodies with drug-like properties in a single pass process.


The Galaxy® platform is geared for generation of ‘clinic ready’ antibodies straight out of the library.  Furthermore, the design provides the potential to rapidly generate cheap to manufacture bispecifics without the need for any special technology or engineering.

Our whole process is built around the principle of ‘Right first time’, efficiently delivering high quality biologics with ‘drug-like’ properties to meet our clients needs.

Antibody Discovery

License-free antibody discovery using the Galaxy® platform

Rapid Production of multi-specific antibodies

Generation of instant bispecifics

Antibody Production

Antibody and antigen production

Antibody Humanisation

In silico design and display technology approaches

In Silico Modelling

Developability, binding interaction and affinity optimisation analyses

Immune Library Generation

Custom build of antibody formats from immune repertoires

• We make Biologics drug discovery accessible to anyone with a great idea.

• Our approach is highly customisable to suit your deliverables and requirements.

• We handle the complexity of drug discovery making it simple and effortless.