About RxCelerate

RxCelerate is a leading drug discovery and development platform, offering state-of-the-art technologies and a comprehensive array of services, with expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

RxCelerate is the realisation of a shared vision by its founders, David Grainger and Jill Reckless. With a partnership that spans almost 30 years, their journey began at Cambridge University, where they worked together under Professor Jim Metcalfe’s guidance. During this time, they noticed that the resources and infrastructure needed for innovative drug development were often out of reach for smaller, independent groups, leaving valuable ideas unexplored. In 2011, David’s experience at Index Ventures (later Medicxi) highlighted similar challenges faced by biotech startups. So, in April 2013, they founded RxCelerate to fill this gap, creating a platform covering every aspect of drug discovery and development. Today, the RxCelerate team has grown to over a hundred experts, all driven by the mission to democratise drug discovery and development, making it accessible to anyone with a promising idea.

Our Mission

To be the leaders in delivering novel therapeutics to the clinic through scientific excellence.

We believe in scientific excellence, based on first principles, that creates maximal value when paired with cost and operational efficiency. Every client project is unique and our bespoke design and approach is centered on de-risking the asset through real-time data analysis and collaborative strategic thinking, which allows for informed and intelligent decision making throughout the drug development process.