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RxCelerate offers a unique business model that is agnostic to both therapeutic class and disease indication.

RxCelerate design tailor-made programmes, optimised to rapidly identify candidate molecules via the most efficient route.

We combine our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to get you to your desired endpoint.

Our business model is driven by success rather than volume of work, so we align with our customers needs.

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Welcome to RxCelerate

We provide a leading drug discovery and development platform offering a cutting-edge technology toolkit and a comprehensive suite of services under one roof. Our flexible approach, commitment to quality and ability to deliver results quickly make us the perfect partner for unlocking the true potential of your drug discovery and development journey.

RxCelerate offers a unique business model catering to both small molecules and biologics. We work with you to develop the optimal drug discovery strategy to accelerate your asset to proof of concept.


At RxCelerate, we offer more than just standard ‘off-the-shelf’ services. We provide cutting-edge technologies that offer a competitive edge in small molecule, protein and biologic design. Our toolkit-focused mindset means we develop optimal project approaches from the ground up for our clients.


RxCelerate realise that at the centre of a successful programme is a team that can design appropriate complex assays and studies with meaningful endpoints. We go beyond ‘standard’ models to develop the right assays that deliver the right results.


RxCelerate can provide fully integrated lead optimisation capabilities.  This allows us to rapidly identify hits, and then seamlessly advance and optimise programmes through to IND, all using the same scientific team.


We understand that alongside careful planning, flexibility in approach is essential to navigate the most efficient path in drug discovery. Our clients know that our unwavering focus on progress  and adoption of flexibility provides the most useful service model.

Our Services

Programme design and management

In vitro assays and development

In vivo assays and development

Chemistry – both early stage and CMC

In silico design of small molecules and proteins

Antibody discovery and development

Bioanalysis and GLP/GCP capabilities

Proteomics platform

The RxCelerate Difference

A traditional service provider conducts experiments upon request, with client companies solely responsible for management and strategy.  At RxCelerate, we redefine this relationship, creating a  partnership where both program design and the optimal discovery path are crafted collaboratively with the client.

By leveraging RxCelerate’s expertise in programme development, clients gain a competitive edge ranging from faster timelines to meaningful experimental endpoints that investors seek. Coupled with access to our cutting-edge platform technologies, a client can dramatically amplify their chances of success.

We understand that drug discovery can be a complex journey, but our commitment is unwavering. We embrace inevitable challenges and take ownership of obstacles to maximise the chance of achieving your goals.

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    Advantages of Our Approach

    • Rapid discovery of NMEs and biologics for challenging targets using differentiated technologies
    • Fully managed discovery and development programmes
    • Development of critical complex biological assays
    • Unique antibody discovery platform that delivers rapid high quality leads
    • Experienced teams for different target classes and therapeutic areas
    • Proven track record including first-in-class programmes
    • Focussed scientific team under one roof